Book of Remembrance

The Clondalkin Remembers Book of Remembrance is for everyone who lives in Clondalkin and who has lost a loved one, and for anyone who lives further afield but has lost a loved one who lived in Clondalkin.  This Book of Remembrance will stay with us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

In the Book of Remembrance you will include their name, month and year of birth, month and year of death, (from January 2019 onwards), and a few words about them, and you can add a photo.  We would also ask you to please share, if you wish, some things which have helped you in dealing with your bereavement in these unusual Covid-19 pandemic times.  Your experience could help someone else through their difficult time. 

Before you add the family member, friend or colleague that you have lost, please ensure that their nearest family – if you are not that yourself – has given their permission.

As this is a local website for Clondalkin we will only include names of those who have links to Clondalkin/Dublin 22; either you live here, or the person who died did.

We will remember them, speak their names and tell their stories.

To add a loved one who has died to the Book of Remembrance, please click here.

Catherine McGrane/Corcoran

Cailin Annabelle Walker

Richard Patterson